Welcome! Here's a guide to the basics.

Welcome to Kwerey.com! Check out plans for the site at the dev blog, and ping the Twitter account with any quick questions you've got!

Use the site to share your favourite books and find great new stories through the advanced search engine. You can move around the site from the menu up at the top right.

The first tab is for the search engine. Our search engine is more like one you'd see in a library than in Google - you can search by the author's name or by a word you remembered from the title. But going beyond that, you can also search for books readers have tagged with a specific genre, and even by the gender of the main character, whether they're a person of colour - or even specifics about their sexuality!

So if you're looking for a cyberpunk story but you wanted one about a woman:

The Kwerey.com search page, with the genre 'Cyberpunk' and the option to only show books with female main characters selected.

As a kid, your admin here only ever found one book about a queer women, and that was by Jeanette Winterson, and I found it confusing and depressing. So here's a tool that I hope is gonna make finding representation much easier for the unconventional bookworms of the future. And look, the site's only been in beta a few weeks and there are already four cyberpunk stories about women! And two of them are about lesbians! (And they're both great!)

The results for that search, showing books called Winterstrike, Selling Out, Trouble and Her Friends, and Song of Scarabeus.

So take a look around. Then if you like our style but think we might be missing out on some gems, please add them! It only takes a minute or two to make a record with more information than you'd get from looking at it in a bookshop or on Amazon - and if you do it, you can to link people back here to recommend the book to them quickly, you'll be helping your favourite authors out, and a whole community of pro-woman bookworms will thank you!

It takes a couple of steps to add something:

1) First up, make an account or sign in if you haven't already! We don't want spam from anonymous users.

2) Enter the title or ISBN. The title normally works - there might be multiple results, but just pick the one with the right author! If not, ISBNs are unique, that'll definitely find it.

Pick the correct book from the list the title search brings up.

3) The site will look up that book in an open database and fill in a form about it for you. There might be gaps, and because different databases store information a bit differently so the results might not be exactly right for the format we use on Kwerey.com. To keep the site readable, please tidy up the results quickly: it'll help the search engine, and it'll make entries much easier to read.

The auto-filled book description. Some results aren't formatted correctly.

Here, I capitalised the G in 'Little gods', changed the publisher to just 'Picador', and cut the date '2009' out and pasted it in field called 'Publishing date'.

4) If the database didn't find a cover, add one!

The easiest way is to open a new tab in your browser and Google image search the title and the author's surname. Just click one of the results to go to the original version of it, copy the URL for it (this should end in something like .jpg or .png). When you've got that, go back to Kwerey.com and select 'Upload from URL'. Paste a link to the image there - you can just press Ctrl+V to do that - and press Upload. Your catalogue entry will have a picture, and look a lot nicer and more finished!

5) Find a blurb:

A google search for the first phrase of the book's blurb and the title.

One last step: fill in the blurb section of the page! You can either Google the first five or six words to find the blurb alongside the title (put them in quotation marks so Google only displays exact results!), or just search the book's title on Goodreads.com or Amazon.

6) Then if you feel like it, leave a comment or review!

Comments go on the page for the book itself - use them to leave little notes to prospective readers. Reviews are on a page of their own, and as well as hosting one here, you can add a link to your own blog - if you're building readership for a book blog, adding the books you review to Kwerey.com and linking to your blog gives you a chance to showcase your blog to all the lovely and articulate feminist readership of Kwerey.com!