Here I'll answer some general questions. For now it's made of either questions people have asked while I've been planning and building this site, or questions I'm predicting being asked.

I'll add to it as the site grows and confuses more people; please go ahead contact me if you've got one.

1) How do I add an entry?

Check out the tutorial! You just need to know the book's title & author and to have access to Google to fill in a blurb and a picture of the cover.

3) Why only women?

I read a lot and collect a lot of books, and when I was moving house a couple of years ago I noticed that waaay less than half of my books were by women, especially the sci-fi/fantasy ones. I tried to fix that a bit, and found a lot of awesome stuff second-hand while I was branching out into unknowns. This site is a way to share some of those hidden gems!

4) Does this book count as genre fiction?

Basically, if it'd go under its own special subsection in a bookshop, it counts. If it's about LBGT or marginalised characters, yes. If someone writing for the Very Literary Serious Book Review would sneer at it, definitely!

Ask more questions here!